Heavy Thoughts


The views expressed in the poem below are not intended to criticize the political beliefs of those who have chosen to support either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election. This poem is meant to embrace and capture the  moral dilemma that I have felt between two polarizing options for President while it simultaneously maps out the battle waged within between voting from principles and the fear of a ‘wasted vote.’

The election weighs heavily upon my mind

Far heavier than it should

As two polarized individuals campaign

Battling for my loyalty, my Vote

I wonder, will they be loyal to me?

Will they fulfill bold promises?

Or should I judge on action?

Knowing the rhetoric of lies

And continuously scripted scandals?

Do such persons deserve our loyalty?

                                    Our vote?

* * *

But then I ask, who is deserving?

There are but two running for election!

And from deep within my heart murmurs



                                    Or McMullin.”

Quickly, my Brain silences such a notion

“Be quiet, you fool!

            Lest you make our Vote wasted.”

But my heart still whispers,



                                    Or McMullin.”

My Brain in a panic lashes back

“They are not REAL options

This is a bipartisan system.

You must choose ONE!


                        Or Democrat.”

Yet, still the Heart beats out,



                                    Or McMullin.”

The Brain belts back,


            A vote for principle cannot stand!

We must choose a lesser evil

            To stop a greater evil.

A vote for principal,

Is a vote that supports the greater evil.”

* * *

For a brief moment

My Heart goes Dormant

Beaten into submission by

            My Brain,

            The Media,

            My Peers.

But, the Brain’s logic does not hold

and weighs upon the mind

As new controversy comes forth

And more anger is birthed,

My Brain constantly waivers,


                        Or Clinton?

Both feel vile?

How can I choose one,

When neither will do?”

A deep and powerful voice speaks out

A Heart that can be dormant no more




                                    Or McMullin!

You have five options

And three are



                                    Or McMullin.

People with character and value!”

The Brain blurts back,

“But then my Vote is wasted!

And how can I stop

            The greater of two evils?”

“Enough!” demands my Heart

“A vote for evil, is still evil.

Regardless, if it be lesser

            Or greater.

A vote without conviction

            And belief,

Is still a vote wasted!

But a vote from principle

            Still has meaning.

A vote from principle,

            Brings peace of mind.”

* * *

The election weighs heavily upon my mind,

Far heavier than it should

But no longer am I torn

By two, polarizing individuals

Undeserving of my loyalty and vote

I am instead divided,

By who’s Principles

            Reflect my own.

Is it



                                    Or McMullin?

Who’s Principles reflect my own?


2 thoughts on “Heavy Thoughts

  1. I enjoyed reading your poems and your blog today. I find myself wondering how you see the heavy weight the election has placed upon our nation, now that the president-elect is about to take office in two days hence.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed my page.

      I think this election has brought to light the growing division and distrust of our political system. Historically, I don’t know how the two parties have interacted with one another, but in my experience it appears that you can only have a ‘one-or-the-other’ mentality. If you are a republican then you cannot share any democratic views. If you are a democrat then you must not support any republican beliefs. And this mentality is not healthy and results in election years such as the one we had in 2016.

      It seems to me that the growing issue is our inability to respectively communicate between the two parties. We have forgotten that both sides want the same thing (keep the country safe, employment for all, etc), they just have different approaches on how to get there. Instead, we get caught up in the labels of our party instead of focusing on the objectives. (Please keep in mind this is a generalization and I am not specifically addressing the extreme views that can be found in parties)


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