My Messy Kitchen

I was inspired to write this poem after we hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year. We live in an apartment building and overall the kitchen we have is relatively small with limited counter space. While we were cooking Thanksgiving dinner there came a point where all of the stove top burners were used and we needed the oven for 2-3 dishes that all needed to be cooked simultaneously! Obviously, our oven was not large enough for this many dishes, so we had cook one then another while attempting to keep them warm. Then the counter space started to disappear as used pans piled up and serving platters were set out. In summary, the entire event became quite chaotic. I hope you enjoy.

 * * *

Here come the holidays,

Filled with family and friends

Laughter and love,

And always, good food.

But, such delectable treats

Are not free. There is a price.

A price my Kitchen must pay

My once pristine

              And clean

Kitchen, must cover the cost!

* * *

The barren counters

Devoid of dirt and mess

Become cluttered

Buried beneath

              Cutting boards

              And mixing bowls.

Soon, my sinks overflow

As dirty saucers pile up.

The stove top hides

Pots and pans, behind.

Whilst, my cupboards

Once filled with clean


Are stripped bare.

I scramble for crevices

And empty space,

To lay out

A roasted Turkey

              with Gravy.

I search for a place

To set, a fresh baked pie.

Oh how I seek,

              For a spot,

To slice the bread!

And I begin to wonder

How on Earth

Was my kitchen, once unsoiled?!

* * *

But, at meals end

Some minions I’ll select

Who did not help cook

and watched football, instead.

These poor saps I’ll call,

To clean bowl and platter

With hot soapy water,

To wash fork and ladle.

Oh, woe to them!

Who tackle my mountains

Of dirtied dishware!

As I quietly nap,

              And dream

Of a bigger kitchen

That is forever,

Clean and pristine.


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