An Old Tree in the Woods


This year during Thanksgiving REI created a media campaign, #OPTOUTSIDE, promoting time spent with family and friends in the great outdoors. This campaign recorded over 6 million people who choose to bypass the sales of Black Friday, flee the materialisitic desires of society, and spend a day on a hike, kayak, bike, or some other great activity amidst the natural beauties nature has to offer. 

On Black Friday, my family and I elected to go for a hike along the lake shore of Jordan Lake, NC on the New Hope Trail. During our hike we enjoyed a wonderful picnic (while watching the dog play in the water), searched for the world’s greatest walking sticks, and began to question our sanity as the expected 5 mile hike grew longer and longer (the overall distance walked is still subject to much debate). During this adventure, we found an old weathered tree that enraptured my imagination for the entireitity of our walk. This poem is about that tree. I hope you enjoy it. 

 * * *

Weathered and worn,

Tried and true.

Ages have passed by,

But still you stand

Firm and resolute.

As one walks by

One can’t help

But to wonder…

What sights have you seen?

What stories can you tell?

What mysteries do you know?

* * *

And, here you stand,

Deep in the forest

With Barren limbs,

Eroded bark.

Hollowed by the might’s of

              Ants and grubs.

Shell bleached by years

              Under the sun.

Roots tested and tried

              By unrelenting wind.

But, still you stand

Beneath the shade,

Cast by oak and pine.

Weathered and worn,

Tried and true

A witness of ages past

As you stand

Firm and true.

An old tree I found during a hike along the lake shore of Jordan Lake, NC

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