The Orange Wall


Before Michelle and I left for Michigan to celebrate Christmas with family and friends I wrote a poem entitled Your Buildings Be Damned. That piece was inspired by me waking up one morning to hear a logging tractor cutting down trees behind my apartment. After returning from Christmas break we found an orange fence had been erected around the logging zone and that a significant number of the trees had been removed. They were gone.  This is a poem about that orange fence and the removal of those beloved trees.

The orange barricade that has been erected to keep people out of the logging zone behind my apartment.
A shot I took of some of the fallen trees. It is mostly pines.

There it stands,

Far, far in the distance

A barrier separating

            Life from death.

Those trees which stand

            Outside of its blockade

Are safe and may live

            For ages yet to come.

But for those within its border,

            Those poor, beautiful conifers,


                        And deciduous trees

They await certain death.

* * *

Another shot of some of the fallen trees. You can really see the number of trees that have been removed.

From my porch

To the boundary

There stand oak and ash

            Walnut and pine

The floor is covered

            With fallen leaves

            And overgrown brambles

Safe, for now.

Then you reach the barrier

Affording a striking contrast,

            To the earthy hues

            And life all around.

Then you reach the barrier,

            The Orange Wall.

Inside this Orange Wall

            Lay a wasteland

Where great Maples have fallen

            And mighty Dogwoods too.

No more do brambles

            Cover the forest floor

But sawdust and tire tracks

            Are the carpet anew.

* * *

There the Orange Wall stands.

More hideous than Mordor’s

            Black Gate.

A symbol of industrialization,

As every tree is slowly cleared

I can only sadly wait

For the laying of brick and mortar

            That is surely to come

Behind the Orange Wall.


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