Trail Bucket List

A brand new year is upon us and with that new year comes the traditional posting of resolutions:

The list can go on-and-on. Some of us will succeed at meeting our resolutions and others will fall well short, but the important thing is that we will all attempt to better ourselves in some way. One of the resolutions I made in 2016 was to start riding my trail bucket list.

Riding Arcadia Dunes, MI (2013)

What is a trail bucket list? Well, a trail bucket list is a list of your favorite mountain biking (or hiking) trails that you want to visit and explore. When I first started riding my Giant Talon 29er in Michigan there was one king trail that I always wanted to visit: Copper Harbor. However, before I could ever ride this epic trail I moved from Michigan to Illinois. And all I had left was a mountain of regret and dreams of missed opportunities.

A trail shot of Rocky Knob Park, Boone, NC (2016)

After Illinois, I moved across the country to North Carolina and discovered a new epic trail to dream about: Tsali Recreational Area. According to the Singletracks website, Tsali has been voted as one of the Top 5 trails to ride in the country and is located near Bryson City, NC. After growing up in Michigan and missing a chance to ride Copper Harbor, I knew that I couldn’t let Tsali become another missed opportunity. I couldn’t have another someday trail left unrdidden.

Taking a lunch break at Tsali Recreation Area, Bryson City, NC (2016)

Michelle and I executed a trip to Bryson City, NC last October to visit the Great Smokey Mountains, take in the beauty of the fall foliage of western North Carolina, and shred some of the most epic singletrack NC has to offer. Tsali did not disappoint. The trail had amazing flow, a good balance between climbs and flowing downhill, beautiful scenery along Lake Fontana, and a great mountain biking lesson (always carry a small air-pump and spare tube; thank you to Tsali Cycles for helping to get me back on the trail).

Learning a life lesson at Tsali. Always carry a spare tube and portable tire pump. (2016)

Riding the Tsali Recreation Area was a great opportunity to scratch a dream trail off my trail bucket list, but more importantly it took me to a new area of North Carolina and gave Michelle and I a lifetime of memories. I can’t wait to see what adventures unfold throughout 2017 as we continue to tackle the trails on our bucket list.

What trails are on your trail-bucket list? What trail is your Copper Harbor (a missed adventure)?

Some of the targeted mountain biking areas on my trail bucket list:

  • Moab, UT
  • Mountain Bike in Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado
  • Trails around Charlotte and Asheville, NC
  • MTB the Triangle (Harris Lake, Crabtree, RTP Trails, San Lee, etc.)

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