Every dog owner is aware that your mornings must start a little earlier than you want. You need to wake up to feed the dog and then plan enough time to take the dog for a walk before you leave for work. When we first got Athena this extra time seemed like a drawback to owning a dog, but over the past three years I have come to appreciate this extra morning time. Occasionally, I even manage to get out of the house early enough to enjoy the sunrise (a feat unheard of before owning a dog). Today, was one of those days where the sunrise was absolutely stunning.

The sky was painted blue and purple with streaks of pink highlighting the clouds. A small silver dusting illuminated the sky as the moon refused to set, while the sun’s golden rays struggled to wash out the moon. Here are three photos that I think capture the painted canvas I saw this morning.

These photos were taken using a GoPro Hero+

The tiny silver dot is actually the moon! It looked a lot bigger in real life! Once again I used an HDR filter. 


A shot of the road passing by the apartment complex. The filter applied is HDR.


A shot from the lake behind the apartment. I used an HDR filter and adjusted the saturation, contrast, and brightness

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