Names Carved Upon a Tree

I had originally taken these photos for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, Names, but I realized after taking the shots that this was the challenge from two weeks ago! Oh well, I still think they are some pretty cool photos. 

Recently, Michelle and I went on a hike at Occoneechee Mountain located in Hillsborough North Carolina. We had a wonderful time on this hike and at one point we found a quiet scene along the Eno River. There was bench overlooking the water with one large tree adding an accent to the view. However, this large tree had multiple names carved into its trunk. Some, might say these names add to the atmosphere of the place as couples left tribute to their love across this tree. While others, might think the atmosphere ruined as the tree stands there in scars.

Names Carved Upon a Tree

Deep into the bark,

I dig my knife,

or my keys

the sharpest thing

that i can find.

Deep, deep into the bark,

I will carve our names

Outlined by a heart

To show our love

that is unending.

Will be together always?


Maybe not, but

At this time,

my heart cries yes.

So, Here I carve

our names

A token to our love.

A token that

this tree must bear

For all to see

Long after

Our love departs.

The bench that quietly sits over the Eno River
A ground view of the tree from the base to the top. There were a dozen different names of various couples who had visited this tree over the years carved into its bark.
Another angle of this tree with a close up on one of the names. A Sepia filter was applied to this photo.

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