Occoneechee Mountain State Park Adventure


When last Saturday finally arrived it must have been at the end of a long and slow work week because not even the threat of rain was enough to dissuade Michelle and I from wanting to find an adventure for the day. I thought about playing a good ole fashion game of Ultimate (nothing’s better than a game of sloppy muddy Ultimate), but Michelle doesn’t play and getting to the pick-up game at a reasonable time meant passing up on my morning coffee (it was nearing 10:30 am after all!). Obviously, Ultimate was out of the equation.

Then Michelle and I talked about hitting some singletrack, but after consulting Triangle MTB’s webpage we soon discovered that all of the local trails were closed due to poor conditions. Besides, the look of utter boredom that Athena gave us was a clear indication that she too was in need of an adventure for the day. But, where were we to go?

We wanted to go somewhere that was only a day trip from Cary and remembered our friends Matt and Amelia telling us about Occoneechee Mountain in Hillsborough. This was only about a 40-minute drive from the apartment and came with the world’s easiest to navigate directions (take I-40 all the way). After finishing a quick lunch, we grabbed the GoPro, loaded up the car, and were on the road. Our adventure was underway!

The Occoneechee Mountain State Park has about three miles of hiking trails with the longest being the Occoneechee Mountain trail. This trail circles the base of the mountain and will give you a great walk through the woods to the rock quarry and will connect you to the scenic overlook (I highly recommend pausing for a view at the bottom and top of the rock quarry). Overall, this trail is a pretty easy hike and doesn’t take too long unless you make lots of frequent stops.

One of our many stops along the trail using GoPro’s time lapse feature

Michelle, Athena, and I started on the Occoneechee Mountain trail and made lots of stops to simply enjoy the many views and climb the occasional rock (or two). The large rock formations gave us lots of opportunities to pose for dramatic photo shoots using my GoPro’s time lapse feature while Athena experienced the life of a mountain dog leaping from boulder to boulder. Unfortunately, this trail borders I-40 for a short period so we constantly heard the rush of traffic in the background, but once we made it to the other side of the mountain there was a soothing quiet and simplicity in the air (that is only produced by a woods in hibernation).

Athena enjoying the mountain dog life!

On this particular journey there was a hanging fog that clung to the trees and hid the top of the mountain from view. This mist added a surreal grace to the landscape that left us both breathless. Even with the landscape shrouded in fog you could still see for several miles overlooking the town of Hillsborough. I can’t wait to see this view on a clear sunny day!

After a short walk back to the trailhead we climbed in the car and drove to Hillsborough BBQ Company for some grub. We had just taken our jackets off and were preparing to sit down when the heavens unleashed a downpour (perfect timing for us!). Ordering an Irish coffee and hot totty we toasted our good fortunes at missing the rain. And yes, the pulled pork was delicious too!

You can watch the video of our Occoneechee Mountain adventure here.

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