Lake Crabtree Morning Ride-Video

Last week I posted a short write up about a morning ride I took at Lake Crabtree County Park. That post included some still shots from my ride, but I had not taken the time to edit any of the video footage yet. Yesterday, I finally had some time to sit down to edit and combine the clips into a short video. I hope you enjoy it.

You can watch the video here.

I’d love to hear your comments about the video or see videos of your adventures, so please comment those below.

All footage was shot using a GoPro Hero+ and video editing was performed using GoPro Studio.


2 thoughts on “Lake Crabtree Morning Ride-Video

  1. Nice video. I was wondering, part of the trail looked like they put rocks on there on purpose, for the challenge maybe? Here in Texas, they’re ALL covered in rocks!

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    1. The trails around central North Carolina are mostly roots. When you get into the western part of the state (in the App. mountains) you start to get some more natural rock gardens.
      But, a couple of the sections at Crabtree the rocks have been strategically placed (like in the skills section)

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