Bike Tire in a Tree

Michelle and I were taking the dog for a walk the other day when we stumbled across the most random thing hanging in a tree.


Surprise! Someone had ruined their bike tire and felt the best place to hang it was in a tree. When we saw this I had a mix of different emotions. Clearly, I was shocked to see a tire hanging in a tree (it would be weird to expect a tire in a tree). But, then I my feelings were bouncing back and forth between ‘this looks kind of cool’ to ‘why the heck would you leave your tire in the woods!’ Michelle and I tend to get a little cranky when we see people leaving trash or broken parts in the wood.


Bike tire in a tree

what a sight to see!

Never, did I expect

to find amidst the green

black rubber hanging

forgotten from a limb.

Carried in,

but not back

out again.


11 thoughts on “Bike Tire in a Tree

  1. Carried in no I don’t think so.
    The tire in the tree is left behind,
    For ever sadly known it missed out on its job.
    When a tire lets you down and doesn’t do its job you leave it behind for everyone to see.
    The tires job was up to me, I carried myself and metal out of the woods today. So for the weary biker or walker this is just a reminder you are the lucky one today.
    That was just a joke! What goes into the woods should come out of the woods!

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  2. Didn’t you know – these are rubber trees and these are there fruit. They have obviously been harvested already but this one may have not been ripe ate the time. No I did not escape from an asylum it is rubbery atempt at a joke

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      1. Actually like normal fruit these vary in size anything from 15 with biggest being recorded 33. There is ongoing genetic development to produce standardized sizes as well as to produce fiat bike tires as those would be very profitable

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      2. So then, the real question is where do disc brakes grow? Perhaps as fields of corn? I can only presume that front fork suspension systems grow beneath the ground as tubers do.

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