Athena’s Winter Run

Sometime last week I started going through folders of old pictures and videos on my computer to clean up some space. Michelle and I were backing up our favorite photos to a shared folder and then deleting the rest. This exercise also resulted in finding several photos and videos that I forgot about capturing, like the ones from last March when NC was blanketed under snow.

Besides capturing some awesome snow pictures I even got some good video footage of Athena running around like a crazy dog. There’s something about water (weather it’s rain from the sky, soaking in a bath, swimming in a lake, or frozen upon the ground) that causes her energy levels to burst in an explosion of wild uncontrolled wind-sprints. Luckily, I was able to capture some of these moments for our enjoyment.

The storm is about to be unleashed…

I hope you enjoy the video of Athena’s Winter Run.

* * *

Written in response to
Tuesday Photo Challenge: Weather
Daily Post Photo Challenge: Order


16 thoughts on “Athena’s Winter Run

  1. Looks like so much fun. 🙂 Oh to be a dog!! 🙂 I’m currently pruning lots of photos. It’s quite a time commitment but nice to relive some of our old trips 🙂 Greta post 🙂

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