Athena’s Winter Run

Sometime last week I started going through folders of old pictures and videos on my computer to clean up some space. Michelle and I were backing up our favorite photos to a shared folder and then deleting the rest. This exercise also resulted in finding several photos and videos that I forgot about capturing, like the ones from last March when NC was blanketed under snow.

Besides capturing some awesome snow pictures I even got some good video footage of Athena running around like a crazy dog. There’s something about water (weather it’s rain from the sky, soaking in a bath, swimming in a lake, or frozen upon the ground) that causes her energy levels to burst in an explosion of wild uncontrolled wind-sprints. Luckily, I was able to capture some of these moments for our enjoyment.

The storm is about to be unleashed…

I hope you enjoy the video of Athena’s Winter Run.

* * *

Written in response to
Tuesday Photo Challenge: Weather
Daily Post Photo Challenge: Order

16 thoughts on “Athena’s Winter Run

    1. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of taking photos and then never posting them.
      But, it is fun to revisit past trips once you finally start the editing/cleansing process! Happy pruning!

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