Foggy Serenity

This may sound strange, but I find foggy mornings to be absolutely beautiful. The best misty days are when the fog is so thick you cannot see across the lake and the opposing shoreline is hidden from view.


There’s a mystical quality to the denseness, which offers a quiet serenity that soothes the soul. On these days, you can almost forget the road is nearby or that in 30 short minutes, when your walk is finished, you will be leaving for work and a constantly growing to-do list. The weight of a world simply disappears when all is hidden from view and your mind is free to solve the mysteries lurking amidst the fog. Every sounds is stronger, the air more crisp, and you can almost hear the earth speaking, straining to tell you something wonderful. But, then you let out your breathe and the feeling is gone; replaced by a sense of longing at another message missed. So once more, you breathe the heavy air in deep and continue to walk, losing yourself to the wonderful secrecy of the fog.


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