Snow Day, Not on the Farm

North Carolina was brought to a screeching halt this week as 12 inches of snow blanketed some regions of the state (yes, 12 inches!). Surprisingly, this snowfall didn’t even come close to reaching NC’s largest snowstorm that dumped 20 inches on Raleigh in 2000. But, as any North Carolinian will tell you, any amount of snow is enough to shut down the state for a snow day.

Beautiful sunrise on a NC snow day!

 Normally, a snow day means a short walk through the winter wonderland with Athena and then curling up inside with hot cocoa and movies, but not this time. Michelle and I have recently started volunteering with a local horse farm in the area and farm life doesn’t stop for a snow day! The farm we are volunteering with is Corral Riding Academy. Corral is a non-profit organization that uses equine therapy to help guide young girls through the challenging obstacles in their lives.

Here are some photos taken around the farm.

* * *

Bob is weathering out the snow storm!

Some treats will help keep Bentley’s mind off the snow!
Munching on some hay to pass the day!
Mmmmmm…nothing tastes better than fresh snow!

* * *

Written in response to:
Daily Prompt: Shock
Weekly Photo Challenges: Silence and Weathered
Tuesday Photo Challenge: Delicious

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