To Good Memories

I first began The Alchemist of the Woods in November 2016 as a place for me self-publish my poetry and other writings. Since that time, it has transformed into something else entirely. The Alchemist of the Woods has resulted in a new, amateurish passion in photography,  changed how I view the world, and lead me to find adventures in even the smallest parts of my life.  Perhaps the biggest influence to the direction my blog has gone has been from my sporadic participation in WordPress Photo Challenges. Specifically, the challenges issued by Frank from Dutch Goes the Photo.

Every Tuesday Frank issues a new theme to challenge our creative minds and test our skills as photographers and writers. Then on Monday, he goes through the laborious task of collecting everyone’s contribution into a super post with a brief summary of every contributors post. How he finds the time for this is simply amazing (especially considering the fact that most of my contributions would occur late on Sunday nights).

This week’s theme was ‘memories.’ A topic that was a lot harder than I anticipated, but quickly led me through thousands of old photos, past posts, and in a constant state of reflection. I soon realized that my blog itself had become a living testimony to the experiences and memories I am creating with my wife and dogs.

So, for this weeks theme I decided to cheat (a little) and highlight some of my favorite Tuesday Photo Challenge (TPC) contributions!

* * *

My first TPC post was in response to ‘land’ that showcased one of my favorite mountain biking trails in “Lake Crabtree Morning Ride.”

The second TPC challenge, nostalgia, that I would participated in would occur after missing the submission deadline! I have since learned to submit my entries before Sunday night in order to be included in the Monday round-ups. Nostalgia occurred at the perfect time as I celebrated with my birthday on a camping trip.


On my way to attend an ACS conference in San Francisco the TPC theme of ‘mystery’ helped captivate my imagination for the poem, “Mysterious Mountains Below.”

One of the most challenging TPC themes for me was ‘delicious.’ However, with some help from CORRAL Riding Academy’s horses enjoying a snow day I was able to capture the perfect moment in “Snow Day, Not on the Farm.”

* * *

TPC: Memories
Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set (Cover Photo was taken at sunset in Eureka, IL)

2 thoughts on “To Good Memories

  1. George you are getting really good at taking pictures. I love them. Thank you for sharing with us.


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