Drifting Ice

Drifting across the great sea
Splitting from one to many
Crashing into many, forming one.
Heaving stone and boulder
upon the shore.
Erupting geysers across the lake
of snow,
and water,
and ice.
Icy mountains mark the borders
where floating edges collide.
Once, an immobile solid
now constantly shifting, adrift.
Ever changing, directed by the wind.
The great thaw brings back
all life
To the once frozen tundra.

* * *

I wrote this poem about the melting ice covering Elk Lake near Elk Rapids, MI. It is almost May and the lake’s surface was fully covered in ice when I arrived, now the ice is beginning to melt and breaking off in chunks that are blown across the surface by the wind. As these floating chunks collide, the ice is pushed out of the water and forms mini-crystalline mountain ranges across the lake. It is truly a marvel to behold. Below are some various photos of the ice melting and moving.

This is one of the first photos I took of the ice.
Snow in April?! Pure Michigan
Athena can’t believe we brought her back to winter, when it is supposed to be spring!
Came back this afternoon and the shore was clear of ice. Then in less than 15 minutes the wind blew a bunch of ice back into shore!
Crystalline mountains of ice!

* * *

Tuesday Photo Challenge: The natural contrast to heat, is ice. Heat also causes the ice to melt, so that’s a fair justification 😉

Daily Prompt: Notable

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

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