Activity? You Deserve Ice Cream

This week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge theme is treat (a natural follow up to last week’s theme of heat and Mowgli’s Defeat) and instinctively my mind jumped to ice cream. Why ice cream? Anytime Michelle and I do any activity we celebrate its completion with a trip to Cookout for milkshakes, or a stop at the Cary’s local Fresh ice cream shop! Before we moved to NC, a weekend’s entertainment was walking across town to Uncle Bob’s homemade ice cream parlor (still the best ice cream we have found. They are located in Eureka, IL).

So what kind of activities deserve ice cream? Let me name a few…

Did you just go for a hike or mountain bike ride? Then the answer is yes, that deserves ice cream.

Does a walk around the lake deserve ice cream? Of course! But, that activity is better rewarded with froyo (since it is on the route anyways).

Thinking about ladder drills, sprints, and Ultimate? You shouldn’t even have to ask.

Preparing to run some ladder drills and sprints before a night of pick-up.

Were you recently recognized for an award? Or did you attend a social networking event? That certainly qualifies for ice cream.

After receiving the Percy Julian Award for Excellence in Research from NC State chemistry, we went and enjoyed a bowl of Cary’s FRESH Local ice cream. (And yes, they did give me the wrong certificate, initially)

Is your dog finally starting to enjoy car rides? Then celebrate with a trip to the ice cream parlor!

Mowgli is overcoming his dislike of car rides! He stuck his nose out the window on the way to pick-up the other night!

Perhaps these questions are being phrased wrong. What you should be asking is…
Did I just do, or think about, any activity? Then I should treat myself to some ice cream.



4 thoughts on “Activity? You Deserve Ice Cream

  1. Ah, your post made me so sad. I consider ice cream to be an essential food group. Unfortunately, milk products no longer agree with me and I have had to give it up. It is killing my soul. 🙂

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  2. I just exercised my mind, I’m having some ice-cream. I climbed up a mountain and rode down the mountain in a car, I’m having a shake. I walked a donkey, I’m having a Hot Fudge Sunday!
    Such wisdom I shall follow.

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