Hints of a Fall Scene

The Tuesday Photo Challenge this week is scene and I found this giant mushroom on my morning walk. Add Athena’s photo-bomb and these two images are the perfect response to this week’s challenge by themselves, but the writer in me can’t be satisfied with just a simple photo. So, I decided to include a short, scenic description of the cool (dare I say fall) weather we have been having as well (see below).



* **

The rain has fallen for days; it has not stormed continuously throughout the day, but consistently every night. Each morning, the ground is cleared of debris, and leaves; the torrential flood of rainwater washing it all away to become someone else’s problem. The red, Carolina clay, normally hard and unyielding as brick, is soft, and the grass, brown and yellowed from summer, is a vibrant, radiant green. A forgotten green that was lost with spring. Even the morning air feels different, cool and light; a sharp contrast to the smothering heaviness felt during summer’s hottest days.

Yes, the rains are indicative of change. A change normally marked and recorded on a calendar when school starts again and whispers of football are spoken aloud. Normally, these behavioral changes are the only sign of falls arrival, all else feels deceptively like summer. But, the calendar tells a different story from the one told by the sun, who bakes the earth until at least November. And his friend, humidity, hangs around just as long.

This year, this week, this morning…feels different. The mighty rains have broken the heat and left a refreshing chill upon the air. A chill that speaks of nights curled in sleeping bags beneath the stars, weekend road trips hunting for forests painted with oranges, yellows, and reds, Sundays spent on a bar’s patio feasting on appetizers, drinking beer, and cheering your team to victory, and, most of all, the chill sparked a desire, a need, to roast marshmallows over a fire.

One only had to breathe, to taste fall upon the air.


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