Activity? You Deserve Ice Cream

This week's Tuesday Photo Challenge theme is treat (a natural follow up to last week's theme of heat and Mowgli's Defeat) and instinctively my mind jumped to ice cream. Why ice cream? Anytime Michelle and I do any activity we celebrate its completion with a trip to Cookout for milkshakes, or a stop at the [...]


Mowgli’s Defeat

I can’t go on! It is too much! The air burns and the ground scolds, even the water fails to cool! I cannot go on, just let me lie down, here in the sun, or there in the shade. It matters not where I lie, for everywhere I go, there is the wretched sun baking [...]

Comp Chem, Adverse Drugs, and Dyes

Research can go in many unexpected directions and my experiences at NC State are no exception to this rule. When I first joined the NC State chemistry department I knew two things; the first was that I wanted to continue working in the field of computational chemistry and the second was that my research would [...]

Lessons From Bob Series

Michelle and I recently started volunteering for CORRAL Riding Academy. CORRAL uses horses to help middle and high school girls overcome the trauma in their lives using a technique known as equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAPT). During EAPT a girl will work with a horse using techniques derived from Natural Horsemanship and an equine specialist (i.e. a [...]

The Bark Beneath My Palm

Life has been feeling a little hectic lately and, Michelle and I have not had much time for camping, hiking, or our other typical adventure activities. This disconnection from nature has made Jan. - Feb. a challenging time for me, but luckily I have writing as an emotional escape. This poem was born on a [...]

Snow Day, Not on the Farm

North Carolina was brought to a screeching halt this week as 12 inches of snow blanketed some regions of the state (yes, 12 inches!). Surprisingly, this snowfall didn't even come close to reaching NC's largest snowstorm that dumped 20 inches on Raleigh in 2000. But, as any North Carolinian will tell you, any amount of [...]