Drifting Ice

Drifting across the great sea Splitting from one to many Crashing into many, forming one. Heaving stone and boulder upon the shore. Erupting geysers across the lake of snow, and water, and ice. Icy mountains mark the borders where floating edges collide. Once, an immobile solid now constantly shifting, adrift. Ever changing, directed by the [...]


The Bark Beneath My Palm

Life has been feeling a little hectic lately and, Michelle and I have not had much time for camping, hiking, or our other typical adventure activities. This disconnection from nature has made Jan. - Feb. a challenging time for me, but luckily I have writing as an emotional escape. This poem was born on a [...]

Snow Day, Not on the Farm

North Carolina was brought to a screeching halt this week as 12 inches of snow blanketed some regions of the state (yes, 12 inches!). Surprisingly, this snowfall didn't even come close to reaching NC's largest snowstorm that dumped 20 inches on Raleigh in 2000. But, as any North Carolinian will tell you, any amount of [...]

Birds in a Snowstorm

North Carolina has been completely blanketed in snow today and it has created some truly fantastic photo opportunities! While I was sitting on the couch watching the snow fall, a red bird flew by my window. The striking contrast between the bird's vibrant red feathers and white snow was beautiful. Naturally, I decided to a [...]

Favorite #SciComm Articles Dec 11-15th

Here is the second edition of my favorite #SciComm articles that I read this week. There's a little shameless self-promotion thrown in here as well since the #FourchesLab was featured by NC State News. * * * YEAR IN PHARMA Appears in Chemical & Engineering News For drugmakers, the year opened with uncertainty about an unconventional [...]

Lake Crabtree Morning Ride

I first bought my mountain bike in May 2013 and it has easily been one of the best purchases of my entire life. This one simple purchase has lead to countless adventures, meeting new friends, and has even become a shared hobby between my wife and me. Even more importantly, mountain biking (and hiking) is [...]


    Michelle and I recently ordered some hammocks from Fox Outdoor Sports and decided to test them out this weekend. Behind our apartment there is a Greenway around a small lake that has several wooded spots you can stop to enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding scenery. This Greenway allows us to forget that [...]