Turn to the Quiet

Silence, solitude I turn to the quiet places, tranquil; where sound is born, from the wind caressing the trees; from the waves. against the shore. A place where, I listen to the earth speak, I see where the Spirit moves, and I hear words of comfort spoken on the breeze, by rustling limbs. I turn [...]

My Wild Backyard

Raleigh is nicknamed the 'City of Oaks' after the abundance of oak trees in the city. Of course, there are plenty of ash, walnut, maple, and pine trees that line the city streets and stand as mini-forests between buildings. The beautiful trees have the power to make someone forget they live in one of the [...]

Three Wooden Chairs

Three Wooden Chairs On the shore of a pond, nestled beneath a tree, hidden from the rush of town there stand three wooden chairs, overlooking the woods and the placid water's surface. Some days, shrouded in fog others, illuminated by sun. Each fall, buried in orange, yellow, and red. But, the most welcoming sight is [...]

The Bark Beneath My Palm

Life has been feeling a little hectic lately and, Michelle and I have not had much time for camping, hiking, or our other typical adventure activities. This disconnection from nature has made Jan. - Feb. a challenging time for me, but luckily I have writing as an emotional escape. This poem was born on a [...]

Snow Day, Not on the Farm

North Carolina was brought to a screeching halt this week as 12 inches of snow blanketed some regions of the state (yes, 12 inches!). Surprisingly, this snowfall didn't even come close to reaching NC's largest snowstorm that dumped 20 inches on Raleigh in 2000. But, as any North Carolinian will tell you, any amount of [...]

Birds in a Snowstorm

North Carolina has been completely blanketed in snow today and it has created some truly fantastic photo opportunities! While I was sitting on the couch watching the snow fall, a red bird flew by my window. The striking contrast between the bird's vibrant red feathers and white snow was beautiful. Naturally, I decided to a [...]

Camping in the City: An Umstead State Park Adventure

Some adventures involve traveling to the remote parts of the world and witnessing nature's profound majestic beauty in isolation, but there are other trips where such luxuries cannot be found. Instead of isolation, you find yourself landlocked by highways and shaded by concrete forests. Fortunately, even in these situations it is still possible to seek [...]

Athena’s Winter Run

Sometime last week I started going through folders of old pictures and videos on my computer to clean up some space. Michelle and I were backing up our favorite photos to a shared folder and then deleting the rest. This exercise also resulted in finding several photos and videos that I forgot about capturing, like [...]