Seven on the Line

This poem was written before traveling to my first tournament with Rampage Ultimate. Rampage is a new mixed team in the triangle. Ultimate has three divisions of play, Open, Mixed, or Women's. Open is generally all men playing, mixed contains a ratio of 4:3 or 3:4 men-to-women, while women is clearly a women's only division. [...]


Drifting Ice

Drifting across the great sea Splitting from one to many Crashing into many, forming one. Heaving stone and boulder upon the shore. Erupting geysers across the lake of snow, and water, and ice. Icy mountains mark the borders where floating edges collide. Once, an immobile solid now constantly shifting, adrift. Ever changing, directed by the [...]

The Bark Beneath My Palm

Life has been feeling a little hectic lately and, Michelle and I have not had much time for camping, hiking, or our other typical adventure activities. This disconnection from nature has made Jan. - Feb. a challenging time for me, but luckily I have writing as an emotional escape. This poem was born on a [...]

Old Friends

     Old Friends These are the people who truly get you without question or comment. Separation of time and distance apart matter not between, old friends. Where each conversation is filled by laughter and fond memories. As it always is amidst all old friends. * * * This poem was inspired by our friends [...]

Mysterious Mountains Below

About a week ago I flew out to San Francisco to attend the American Chemical Society's (ACS) Spring National meeting. These meetings are always a great combination of sight seeing, visiting new cities, networking, and learning more about the field of chemistry. I was attending the meeting to give my first oral presentation (at this [...]