Michelle and I recently ordered some hammocks from Fox Outdoor Sports and decided to test them out this weekend. Behind our apartment there is a Greenway around a small lake that has several wooded spots you can stop to enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding scenery. This Greenway allows us to forget that [...]


Trail Bucket List

A brand new year is upon us and with that new year comes the traditional posting of resolutions: Exercise More Eat Healthy Become a Better You The list can go on-and-on. Some of us will succeed at meeting our resolutions and others will fall well short, but the important thing is that we will all [...]

Passing a Milestone

Satisfaction. The rigors of academia have a magical power of beating down and demolishing any person’s feelings of accomplishments. In this world, for every good there is always an inevitable bad. You overcome a major hurdle that has hindered your research for the past year, only to discover that a reviewer isn’t convinced that your [...]