Favorite #SciComm Articles Dec 11-15th

Here is the second edition of my favorite #SciComm articles that I read this week. There's a little shameless self-promotion thrown in here as well since the #FourchesLab was featured by NC State News. * * * YEAR IN PHARMA Appears in Chemical & Engineering News For drugmakers, the year opened with uncertainty about an unconventional [...]

Favorite #SciComm Stories from Dec 4-8th 2017

I am adding a new feature to my #SciComm category where I post a collection of the science communication articles that read over the past week. My plan is to post this recap every Friday. This week's articles are below. * * * Making AI ‘Intentional’: a Case Study and New Programming Framework Appears in [...]

Large Chemical Libraries of Dyes

In early October, I successfully completed my preliminary examination and have been accepted into PhD candidacy at NC State! This examination required a written document describing my research efforts, a 40 minute presentation about these results, and a private Q&A session with my committee after the presentation. The majority of my research has been focused [...]

Cryo-Electron Microscopy Wins Chemistry Nobel Prize 2017

The 2017 chemistry Nobel Prize was awarded to Jacques Dubochet (University of Lausanne), Joachim Frank (Columbia University), and Richard Henderson (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology at Cambridge) for developing cryo-electron micrsocopy; a novel high-resolution method used to determine protein structure. This novel technique provides a useful alternative to traditional structural determination methods like protein nuclear [...]